How will I know when you have obtained a booking for my home?

Our state-of-the-art system enables you to keep up to date on all bookings. Owners will be informed of every reservation by an email notification that will contain the guest’s name, dates, and the rental value.

How much does it cost to join the rental program?

We cover the cost of specific items required to meet rental standards such as legal signage.  There will be some initial expenses such as installation of an electronic lock, and license applications.

Is a full inventory of the property done after each guest departs?

Our inspectors visit each property after every departure to carry out an inspection. A full inventory of the entire property is not feasible after each guest departs though due to each property’s uniqueness. However, our housekeeping and inspection staff are trained to check for damages as well as key elements in the property such as TVs, remotes, game systems, etc.

How and when do I get paid?

A detailed financial statement is prepared on the 15th of every month showing all income for reservations that departed during the previous month and expenditure relating to your property. This statement is viewed by logging into our reservation system where you can also view year-to-date statements. Surplus funds above the target balance of the operating fund will be transferred to your bank account each month.

Can I make owner bookings?

Yes our owners can place owner bookings in their properties, there is a fee of $10 per night. We want our owners to be our partners, working together will help all of us be successful. In order to protect the rental rate integrity, we prefer owner’s to not rent on their own. We collect the rental revenue and all sales tax associated with the rental. If an owner rents their property for less than we could rent the property, then the owner becomes our competition rather than our business partner. Our owners that were active with owner bookings with their previous management companies have since stopped as they have found that they can receive the same net revenue without any of the work by leaving the rentals to ourselves.

Are there any restrictions placed on when I can stay in my own property?

No. We recognize that you have a substantial investment in your property and so should be able to use your vacation home when you wish. Of course, owner stays, especially during the Holiday season or for an extended period of time will impact the rental revenue that can be generated.

Do you allow smoking and/or pets in the rental properties?

There are many guests who have allergies to pets and/or smoke. To protect our guests and your property, we have a firm no smoking/no pet policy.

Are there any marketing fees?

No, we re-invest the commissions we earn from bookings into marketing your property.

Do you allow smoking and/or pets in the rental properties?

There are many guests who have allergies to pets and/or smoke. To protect our guests and your property, we have a firm no smoking/no pet policy.

What happens if a guest damages the property?

Every guest must sign our rental agreement which details our policies and the guest’s responsibility while occupying the property. As well as supplying us with their credit card information allowing us to collect for any damages or thefts. If damage occurs due to misuse of the property by guests during their stay, we will make every attempt to collect reimbursement for repair and/or replacement of items. But normal wear and tear will not be pursued. Owners should budget for routine “wear-and-tear” on the rental and replacement of items such as sheets, towels, etc

We have in place an Accidental Damage Protection Fee (ADP) program which covers incidents of accidental damage more effectively than security deposits. Where accidental damage is reported by the guest, the ADW fund will be used to repair or replace the damaged item up to the limit of the coverage. Some forms of damage are considered as “wear and tear” such as cups being chipped in the dishwasher, towels, and linens being worn, and so on.

Do I need Internet and Telephone?

Yes, all properties must be equipped with high-speed internet and a landline telephone with an International call block.