The more you put in the more you get back

RVH_254R in Reunion Resort


We’re in the “Disney corridor”. It’s a family market where bedrooms designed to appeal to kids are essential. Don’t design the home for just adults, there is only a small market for adult-only groups and they usually book shorter stays. Families often stay 2-3 weeks. 

A home with superior décor can potentially bring in twice the revenue as a home with inferior decor but the same floor plan.

Don’t paint every room in the entire home the same color such as the builder’s beige. Introduce color and make your property stand out against other properties potential guests are browsing.

RVH_254R Dining Table

Use an interior designer. 

Interior designers are worth every penny. Firstly it’s a lot more work than you might think to decorate yourself and it’s difficult to get the end result you want. Some owners can do a fantastic job themselves, but very often that’s not the case. Using an interior designer often produces a higher quality home that will rent better. You might initially make savings by not using an interior designer, but a property furnished by a professional will more likely bring in more revenue long term.

SO_960R in Solara Resort

Further Considerations & Tips

Brighter and more modern interiors are more popular – Think of the décor in a high-end hotel in London or Miami. King vs. Queen beds make a difference; try to use all Kings – If a group split the cost, no one wants the bedroom with the smaller Queen. Does each bedroom have an en-suite bathroom? Downstairs master suites with Kings beds are highly desirable for multi-generation family reunions with older members of the group such as the grandparents. Dining table seating – if you have a home that sleeps 12, a dining table that seats 6 won’t do.

RVH_354R Master Bath

Keep Up with Your Competition

Your competitors are not standing still so nor should you. New owners are continually doing things bigger and better.

Age of Décor is a huge indicator of how a property ranks among consumers. If you were a guest, would you want to sleep on a bed that has a 10+ year-old comforter and mattress?  A well-maintianed property will both attract guests and keep them coming back.Repeat guests are a HUGE factor in the success of any vacation rental.

If you are purchasing a home that is already furnished we recommend the following considerations. Upgrade to the latest TVs. Technology moves fast and out of date TVs date the rest of the home. Renew comforters and don’t decorate with dust catcher faux plants.

Add tweaks here and there each year to keep your property up-to-date and in line with the competition. 

If you aim to be one of the best, your property will be a top performer.