Make Your Property a Top Performer

Game room from property SO_965R
SO_965R in Solara Resort

Beat the Competition

The vacation rental property market is booming, but while business is growing, so is competition. Over the years we’ve seen firsthand what makes a property a great seller, but also what makes a property struggle in the market. As your partner, we’d like to share our knowledge with you so that your vacation rental will be a top seller and that we, together, experience success in the market.   

It’s not all about “heads in beds”. If you haven’t yet purchased a home, we recommend choosing a less expensive home/floor plan if that means you can allocate a larger budget for furnishing the home. Luxury & entertainment features trump basic square footage. 


Home theaters and game rooms are very popular. Although expensive, we highly recommend you invest in arcades and the latest game consoles. They are proven to boost rentals.


The view, the proximity to resort amenities & the clubhouse are also important considerations.

SR_910R in Solterra Resort

Ourdoor Space

Pool deck size is very important along with the pool size. If there is a possibility to extend your pool deck, the premium paid is a good investment. We’ve seen many cases of homes that are fantastic, but if they have a small pool and deck, they can struggle to meet their rental potential. If you have a home that sleeps say 12 but a pool deck that only accommodates 2 loungers or a table with seating for only four, potential guests may choose to book an alternative home.

The direction the pool is facing matters; how much sun or shade does your home have? Spillover spas connected to the pool are an essential commodity.  Outdoor seating is a very important requirement for vacationers when they dream away the cold. 

Owner use

If friends and family want to use your property, try to encourage them to come in times like May or September instead of peak holidays. There are other benefits too – the temperature is more pleasant, flights are less expensive, and the lines are shorter at the theme parks!